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Theory Lift™

Sep 23, 2021 | 0 comments

The Amazing Theory Lift™

Theory Lift™ is a revolutionary anti-wrinkle lift and tightening treatment that yields amazing results, bringing back your youthful looks. 

Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics, a top aesthetic med spa, proudly offers Theory Lift™, a unique liquid facelift treatment combining multiple aesthetics designed to lift and tighten facial skin, and eliminate the lines and sagging that make you look older.

In two words – youthful appearance.  A lot of people opt for the Theory Lift™ because it is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime. And there is little pain. 

​Among the benefits of a Theory Lift™ :

✔️ It restores that youthful V shape to your facial structure

✔️ It adds volume to cheeks and temples that have become hollow over the years

✔️ It lifts drooping brows, sagging jowls, and corners of the mouth

✔️ It reduces undereye bags and wrinkles

✔️It eliminates deep nasolabial folds and laugh lines

✔️ It gives you fuller-looking and smoother lips

✔️ It restores skin glow and smoothness giving you a well-rested vibrant appearance

✔️ It stimulates collagen growth for up to 24 months to keep providing skin elasticity and strength

Finally, because each person has different needs and expectations,  no two Theory Lift™ treatments are exactly the same. When you come in for a Theory Lift™ at Skin Theory Aesthetics, you are going to get a treatment plan that is specifically designed for you and you alone.

Explaining The Theory Lift™ Treatment

The Theory Lift™ is literally a treatment that can help your skin and face defy the effects of gravity and aging.  Being an injectable and Ulthera treatment, the risks and downtime are minimal, while the benefits of this innovative treatment are truly amazing.

Ironically, as we age, we lose the fat in our faces while accumulating it in the other parts of our body like in our middles, hips, or arms. The fat in our face helps us have full, rounded cheeks and keeps our skin looking smooth and supple.

Our body also slows down on the production of collagen, an important protein that gives our skin structure and suppleness. Add to this, loss of muscle which also comes with the aging process. All these contribute to a decrease in facial fullness, and an increase in wrinkles and sagging. 

The Theory Lift™ is an anti-aging option that uses injectable dermal fillers in combination with neurotoxin medicines and often Ultherapy to give the desired results of a younger-looking you. The goal is to restore your youthful appearance while accenting your individual, natural beauty without changing your look.  We want you to still be you.

How is this different than just coming in for some filler, and maybe Botox?  Well, it’s a kind of technology combined with new techniques to the rescue.  When fillers first appeared, we largely used them to just fill in lines.  But the new fillers we have now, along with up-to-the-minute techniques do more than just fill in lines.  

Using the newer fillers with new techniques customized to your individual facial structure, we can actually stimulate collagen growth, and provide the ability to not only “fill in lines” but also lift and add volume.  Adding Ultherapy, a skin-tightening treatment through ultrasound, further boosts collagen production, meaning the results are longer-lasting and natural-looking.

Are the Effects Of The Theory Lift™ Lasting

The effects of the Theory ⛛ Lift™ can last up to two years.  If you are wary of having too many injections in one session, you can opt to spread out your full face treatment over several appointments. 

This approach actually has added benefits:

  • You don’t get too many injections in one go
  • Your specialist can fine tune the treatment as you come for subsequent sessions

It is also important to remember that not all injectables last equally.  For instance, neurotoxin medicines require maintenance sooner than fillers. Therefore, you may have to do touch-up treatments throughout the year to prolong the results of your Theory  Lift™.

What To Expect During A Theory Lift™

Before Treatment

While the Theory Lift™ is minimally invasive and requires very little or no downtime, it’s important to have a pre-treatment consultation with your specialist. This is a great time to have the procedure fully explained to you and have any questions you might have answered.

A pre-treatment consultation can also give your specialist the chance to find out your needs and expectations. Your specialist will also be able to analyze your skin type and what issues need to be addressed so he/she can design a treatment plan customized specifically for you. 

It’s important to disclose your medical history, including any allergies you may have. You also need to tell your specialist any medications you are currently taking, including herbal supplements.

When preparing for your appointment, your specialist will ask you to:

  • Avoid having alcohol, aspirin or any NSAID’s (ibuprofen or naproxen, for example) that can increase bruising TWO DAYS PRIOR to your treatment
  • Avoid facial makeup A DAY BEFORE your procedure
  • Ensure you don’t have sunburn or skin infection on any part of the face where products will be injected A DAY BEFORE your treatment

During Treatment

As the treatment involves needles, you may feel some sting. Your specialist will apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your specialist will begin the injections. Each one usually takes a few minutes. If you prefer, all injections can be done in one single treatment session. 

The usual treatment duration will last between 15 and 30 minutes.

Through each treatment plan is different, here are the areas your specialist may pay special attention to:

  • Folds between nose and mouth
  • The temples and cheeks
  • The jowls
  • Near the eyebrows
  • Under the eyes
  • Near the eyebrows
  • Around scars

After Treatment

You may have some bruising after your treatment, particularly if you had fillers injected around your eyes.

You may also experience some swelling or redness after your procedure. To help with the swelling, your specialist may advise you to ice your face immediately after the procedure.

You may be able to go back to work the day after your treatment but you may want to take extra time off if the appearance of bruising bothers you.

Your specialist will also advise you to refrain from any strenuous activities until a day after your procedure.

​Are There Any Adverse Side Effects

Typically no.  It’s important to keep an eye on your skin and contact your doctor if you experience any allergy-like or flu-like reactions, or anything that looks strange.  It’s always okay to call us, even if you think your questions might be silly.

Because these side effects can happen, it’s important to choose your aesthetics provider carefully to minimize any risks during the treatment. A specialist who is trained, certified, and experienced in administering aesthetics treatments including injectables, neurotoxins, and Ulthera, is your best protection against undesired side effects.

​Contact Us Today

If you want to find out if the Theory Lift™ is the right treatment for you, call Skin Theory Aesthetics for an appointment.

Our specialists are happy to explain the procedure to you in finer detail and discuss how it can help you regain your youthful face.

And because each treatment is unique, you can be sure that the treatment you will receive is the one that will address your needs best.

Call us today at 951-735-5570!


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