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Certified Aesthetic Professionals

Led by doctors and nurses, along with extensively trained and certified aestheticians, you can be assured that we provide safe and effective cosmetic treatments by combining our knowledge of anatomy, science and art.


Meet the Professionals at Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics


David Bui

RN Aesthetic Injector

For our patients, the first thought that comes to their minds when you mention David is his amazing gentle touch.
And how little bruising or swelling they have after an injection treatment.
What’s his secret? Well, you’ll have to talk to David about that, but part of it lies in his technique which involves the use of a cannula versus a direct needle for injections.


Amayrani Quezada

Chief Operations Officer
Amayrani, with her smiling beautiful face, is usually the first person you see when coming in for a visit, and the cheerful helpful voice on the phone when you call to make an appointment.

Amayrani’s aesthetic experience and knowledge makes her an expert in answering questions and also in keeping the office running efficiently. Her goal is to make sure your visit is the best it can be.


Lorraine Michels

Chief Financial Officer

Lorraine, handling everything having to do with finance, works tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring all patient billing and payment applications run smoothly and accurately.  Lorraine also wants to be sure pricing is fair and affordable.

Usually not seen by our patients because she does such a great job, Lorraine’s goal is to handle things in a timely and patient-friendly manner, always.


Shauna Michels

Business Development Manager

With over 17 years aesthetic experience, Shauna’s goal is to ensure that every patient has a perfect experience with every visit.

This means from the moment you call to make an appointment, to ensuring the staff is always listening first when you visit, ensuring every question and concern is addressed before any procedure, to following up after your visit to be sure you are happy.

Doc Du

Dr. Kevin Do

Medical Director
Dr. Kevin Do is an associate of Dr. Johnson. Similar to Dr. Johnson, Dr. Do also focuses on patient comfort and has a depth of understanding of the benefits of any treatment, it’s advantages and disadvantages, and the best way to deliver the treatment.

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