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Lip Fillers

Treatment time: 15-30 minutes
Side effects: Redness and bruising
Benefits: Add or restore volume, improve symmetry, refine lip shape, smooth vertical lip lines

Pouty lips are all the rage now. If you’re interested in making your kissers more attractive, lip augmentation using lip fillers can help plump them up. For those who have reached a certain age, lip fillers can even combat the signs of aging.

Fillers are injectable substances typically made up of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance found in the body that functions to keep skin plump, hydrated, and young-looking. And because HA is a substance that is produced by our body, there is less chance of rejection.

We carry different dermal fillers such as the RHA Collection. To know what is best for your needs and your skin, please contact us so we can give you a free consultation and provide a list of fillers perfect for your needs.

Why Us?

It is vital to choose the right specialist for your lip filler treatment. At ​Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics, Lip Plumping is an art. We ensure that the results are beautiful, natural-looking, and boost collagen growth to provide longer-lasting results. You can be sure that you’re in safe hands, and risks and side effects are lessened.

Our certified and experienced specialists will walk you through the process of lip augmentation, what to expect of the treatment, and what it can do for you. We will help you choose the best product that suits your needs and give you the results that you will ultimately be happy with.

Call us at (951) 735-5570 to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals.

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