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RHA Fillers

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Side effects: Temporary swelling, bruising, tenderness at the injection site, and potential lumps or bumps
Benefits: Smoothens dynamic wrinkles and folds, provides a natural and long-lasting result, enhances facial volume and contours, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin

RHA Filler is a unique dermal filler designed to adapt to the dynamic demands of the face. Made with resilient hyaluronic acid, it mimics the natural HA found in the skin, providing a more natural look and feel.

Why Us?

At Skin and Derm Theory Aesthetics Inc., we believe in personalized care. Our skilled practitioners ensure that RHA Filler treatments are meticulously administered for optimal, natural-looking results.

Call us at (951) 735-5570 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals.

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