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Beware Fake Injectables

Jan 27, 2022 | 0 comments

Beware Fake Injectables

Injectables might seem like the perfect solution to plump skin, fill in ridges, creases, and wrinkles, and for lip filler, but beware of fake injectables; they are out there.  So, how do you avoid buying fake injectables when you’re not well-versed in beauty products?

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Just like everything else, if the deal seems too good to be true, and way below other pricing, it probably is.  Worse yet, fake injectables are sold not only as treatments provided by aestheticians and med spas, but as stand-alone products with encouragement to DIYers to save money and do it themselves.

It’s critical to note that those who are buying injectable products online should exercise caution before checking out. Since fake injectables can be sold alongside legitimate products, you should know how to spot the real deal to avoid the dangers of counterfeit beauty products.

And with a product like injectables, it is always wise to have a licensed professional, someone thoroughly trained, administer the treatment.

Why are fake injectables such a big concern?

They are dangerous to your health

Like produce tainted with pesticides or livestock injected with growth hormones, counterfeit beauty products also pose serious and potentially unknown risks to people’s health. The product you receive can be misbranded, tampered with, or completely different from the products you intend to purchase.

These substances are not approved to be safe for their intended use, which could lead to unexpected side effects and serious complications. Some may lead to infection, allergic reactions, scarring, and other skin injuries. Even the administration of counterfeits could be dangerous or, in the worst cases, fatal.

Taking counterfeit medicines has been proven dangerous and injectables and dermal fillers that our body absorbs are no different. They pose the same risks and health hazards.

They cannot ensure quality and positive effects upon administration

If the health risks are not enough to convince you to avoid using counterfeit injectables and dermal fillers, consider how it could affect your appearance, which defeats the very purpose of getting such treatment.

The longevity of the promised effect of cheap injectables is uncertain. This means you could be paying for something that will not last long enough to get your money’s worth. In the more unfortunate cases, these counterfeits don’t produce results at all.

But lack of longevity of results is an easy pill to swallow compared to quality. Imagine getting your face disfigured because you bought a low-quality product or administered it incorrectly.
Licensed personnel will not administer counterfeits, so it follows that these products will be given by untrained people in places that can not ensure the safe administration of the treatment.

Some disfigurations can neither be fixed nor replaced. You wouldn’t have any choice but to regret what you did to yourself every day when you face the mirror.
No discount is worth the thousands of dollars you’ll need for revisional plastic surgery.

How To Avoid Buying Fake Injectables

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Most tips for avoiding fake injectables are just common sense, but a few do require a more discerning approach.

Although our best advice is to go to a licensed professional for injectable treatment, one who provides the product as part of the treatment, rather than buying the product separately. This means a med spa with a supervising MD, and registered nurse injectors.

However, below are tips for both instances and  some of the best ways to keep yourself from accidentally purchasing unregulated injectables:

Check the packaging

The packaging of products doesn’t easily change unless approved by the manufacturer. Changed packaging is then widely distributed. Old products are sometimes even pulled out from the market when new packaging is rolled out.

Check even for minor differences from the packaging of those directly distributed by the manufacturer.

Get recommendations from people who’ve used them before

Just like any medical product, you can always ask your family and friends whom you are certain are using authentic products and are taking treatments from certified injectors.

They can give details about their experience and what you should expect in getting the same treatment. However, always bear in mind that not all opinions should be taken as facts. Take time to verify the claims before making your purchase.

Mind the price range

Low price is already a warning that there might be something wrong with the product that you’re purchasing. Regulated products like injectables have a standard price range for fair market competition.

If the product is sold for half the usual price, that should raise suspicions on your end.

Ask the certified and licensed

Professionals who are certified and licensed to inject the products know which ones are authentic and which ones are fake. They are trained to identify such in order to ensure that the treatments they administer are safe and medically-approved.

They are the first go-to person who can help you dismiss doubts about your purchase or even tell you where you can buy authentic ones.

Browse the list of authorized providers

Manufacturers of popular and authentic products have their directory of authorized distributors. These distributors are licensed and trained to identify and inject only authentic products to ensure your safety.

Getting an injectable from these providers is one step to ensure that you purchased the right injectable.

Choose in-office treatments

If you find it too bothersome to check the packaging and compare them to the manufacturer’s, and finding a licensed injector or provider is not easy on your end, you can always choose in-office treatments where you can have both authentic products and trained personnel to administer the treatment.

This will ensure your treatments will lead to the results you expect and that you won’t worry about counterfeits. Though it is the most expensive option, it is the safest by far.

What Should You Do if You’ve Already Bought Fakes?

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You’ve already bought some injectables and now you’re doubting their authenticity? Not to worry, there’s an easy solution.

Since fake injectables look like authentic ones, ask the experts to be sure if what you bought is safe to use.

Your trusted pharmacist will be able to tell if there are legitimate changes in the brand appearance, flavor, and packaging. Inconsistency with what was approved by the manufacturer should raise the red flags right away.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Skin – Call the Professionals Today

doctor consultation, beware fake injectables, avoid fake botox, avoid fake dermal fillers, about fake injectables

Why waste money on trial-and-error shopping for injectables and fillers when you have a quick, easy, and safe option just a phone call away?

Doctors, nurses, and aesthetic med spas are alarmed by the unregulated distribution of fillers and injectables online and for good reason considering the risks of poor quality products and incorrect administration.

Skin Theory Aesthetics is here to solve these problems for you. Whether you’re interested in starting down the injectable path or purchasing a gift for a beauty-minded loved one, you can be sure that our aestheticians will provide only top-notch treatment quality and service.

Our licensed and skilled aestheticians will create a safe and effective treatment plan that is unique to you. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your skin. It (and you) deserves the best.
Learn more about our injectables and injectable treatments by calling (951) 735-5570.

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