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What Is Sea SaltFacial?

Sep 23, 2021 | 0 comments

The Sea SaltFacial at Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics

If you’re looking for a natural treatment that can give you beautiful, glowy skin in just 60 minutes, the Sea SaltFacial is the perfect solution for you. 

This innovative treatment combines three state-of-the-art technologies in one relaxing procedure to give amazing results that are immediate yet long-lasting.

Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics, a premier med spa, is proud to offer this skin rejuvenation solution to our growing menu of cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to enhance your skin, your body, and your spirit!

​What Is The SaltFacial?

Salt is something we now take for granted, and yet salt has long held an important role in the rise of human civilization.  In fact, it was so valuable that it was used as legal tender and once said to have been part of a Roman soldier’s wages. 

It’s therefore not surprising to learn that it has been used in ancient civilizations to cleanse, soften, and treat hair and skin. 

Over the centuries, salt has retained its value as an ingredient in beauty products and treatments. Sea salt, in particular, is full of minerals including magnesium, calcium, and potassium — all of which help keep the skin firm and moisturized. 

With the innovative Sea SaltFacial, sea salt’s natural benefits have been harnessed and enhanced to deliver results that are simply stunning.

The Sea Salt Facial is a 3-step process that can give your skin the rejuvenation and glow it needs in just 60 minutes.

RESTORE. Sea salt is used to resurface skin to reveal fresh, glowing skin.

REPLENISH. Aesthetic ultrasound is used to increase the absorption of products to hydrate the skin.
REJUVENATE. LED phototherapy is utilized to enhance the outcome of the SaltFacial.

​Why People Love It

People who have experienced the wonders of the Salt Facial cannot say enough good things about it.  Here are just some of the reasons why they love this treatment:

✔️ It can give immediate results with very little to no downtime

✔️ With just one treatment, it nurtures, hydrates, and promotes healing in the skin

✔️ It gives your skin a natural dewy freshness by stimulating oxygen production in the skin

✔️ It provides results that give you skin that is smoother, clearer, and healthier

✔️ It can be used all over the body, including hands and feet

​Is the SaltFacial For You

​Aside from the wonderful benefits that this treatment gives you, it’s also suitable for all skin types. It’s a treatment that works for women and men alike. The treatment is customizable to your particular skin type and needs.

The Sea SaltFacial is perfect for you if:

✔️ You need a skin pick-me-upper, fast. If you have an important event you want to look especially radiant for, the SaltFacial can give you a fresh and dewy appearance with no downtime. And unlike some facials where you may suffer breakouts after, you’ll emerge from your Salt Facial all ready and beautiful. 

✔️ You’re looking for a treatment that is natural, non-invasive, and non-toxic. Some treatments may use harsh chemicals to treat your skin. Not so with the SaltFacial. 

✔️You desire a single treatment that will address skin issues including fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, sun damage, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. This is also the perfect treatment to address post-surgical healing issues. What’s more, a SaltFacial can stimulate collagen production to restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity. 

✔️ You have adult acne. The SaltFacial can address hormonal acne and flare-ups triggered by stress, your monthlies, or exposure to toxins in the environment. It can also address acne scarring. 

✔️ You have stretch marks. The SaltFacial can effectively lighten those unsightly zebra marks. 

​✔️ You have skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, the SaltFacial is clinically proven to be effective against these. 

✔️ You’re looking for a treatment that won’t let your love of the sun prevent you from enjoying its benefits. There are some treatments that require you to refrain from sun exposure before you can have them — not so with a SaltFacial. Experience year-round glowy skin with no sun restrictions.

​The Process

A pre-treatment cleansing is done to thoroughly clean the face and start with a fresh slate. Then, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and be prepared to be wowed by the results.  


The Salt Facial starts with exfoliation using pure microfine salt which has natural healing properties. Among the benefits of using salt are:

  • It’s antibacterial
  • It’s antimicrobial
  • It has a calming effect
  • It has a balancing effect
  • It leaves the skin hydrated and plump by allowing it to retain water

Using a state-of-the-art exfoliating machine, it gently removes the top layer of the skin. This reveals a skin that is smoother, tighter, and healthier. It also prepares the skin to absorb topical formulations that will be used later on in the treatment. 

Compared to microdermabrasion machines, the SaltFacial uses a unique handpiece that uses a closed-loop of pressure with no suction. This makes it safer and gentler yet more effective than traditional mechanical exfoliation. In addition, it’s also less harsh on the skin than chemical peels.

Contrary to what people might expect of a treatment with something as abrasive as salt, the exfoliation process is not painful. Expect it to feel a little scratchy. 


Once the skin has been exfoliated, ultrasound is used in combination with hydrating topical products. This promotes blood circulation that speeds up healing. It also stimulates and increases oxygen production that makes your skin look healthy. 

The ultrasound makes the skin cells more receptive to topical products and allows them to go 2 times deeper into the skin tissue. The result is better hydration of the skin leading to a better texture. 

The application of ultrasound likewise stimulates collagen production, making your skin firmer and tighter. 


The third and final step uses LED light therapy. Studies show that skin cells regenerate more efficiently when exposed to certain LED wavelengths.

With 4 distinct wavelengths, this can be tailored for your skin type and allows for multiple skin therapy options. The LED Phototherapy can:

  • Treat acne
  • Improve the appearance of pigmented or vascular lesions
  • Remove skin redness
  • Stimulate collagen production 

For instance, blue light helps with inflammation and kills bacteria. On the other end of the spectrum, red light promotes collagen production and aids skin healing. 

People love the SaltFacial because it’s not only effective, it’s also an enjoyable experience. Under the light and warmth of the phototherapy, you can use this time to take a relaxing mini snooze as you complete your treatment.

​Some FAQs About the SaltFacial

How long does it take?

A typical Salt Facial lasts for just 60 minutes. With no downtime required, this is a perfect treatment to have over your lunch break. 

The best part of the treatment is that the effects are immediate. If you have an upcoming event, the Salt Facial will make you look red carpet ready in just an hour.

The ultrasound treatment allows your skin to absorb powerful antioxidants 30% better. This hydrates your skin from the inside out to make it look refreshed and younger-looking immediately after your treatment. 

Is there downtime?

This is one of the best features of the treatment — there is no downtime! You can go back to your regular activities soon after your appointment. 

Have a scheduled coffee date right after? No worries, it’s fine! Even better, you can expect your date to be stunned by how great you look because results are immediately visible right after treatment. 

Is the SaltFacial painful?

As mentioned above, the treatment is typically pain-free. There may be some stinging in the more sensitive areas of the face where the skin is thinner, like near the eyes or on the forehead, for example. However, these are very minor discomforts compared to the beautiful results guaranteed after the treatment. 

Are there side effects?

Some people may experience post-facial redness, depending on their skin sensitivity. However, any redness should disappear after a couple of hours.

Still, others may experience some dryness or flaking. There’s also a possibility of stinging around the sensitive areas of your face (near the eyes, for instance). These issues resolve on their own after 24 to 48 hours. 

How many treatments are needed?

You may already notice dramatic results after the first treatment. Expect an improvement in your skin tone, texture, and color even after your initial SaltFacial. 

For best results, however, we recommend at least four sessions of the SaltFacial.

How long do the results of the treatment last?

The results last for approximately two weeks. Using sun protection can help prolong your results and slow the aging process.

How often can I repeat the treatment?

If possible, the SaltFacial should be repeated monthly for skin maintenance and to optimize results.

Experience The SaltFacial at Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics

​As a premier med spa, Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics offers the latest innovations in cosmetic treatments. We constantly seek new techniques and technologies to give you only the best in skincare.

We are proud to offer the innovative and patented SaltFacial at Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics. Because we understand the busy lifestyles of our clients, we strive to bring treatments that are quick, require no downtime yet still give stunning results. In a single treatment, the SaltFacial can nurture, detoxify, hydrate, and promote healing in your skin.

When you’ve decided that this is perfect for you, we will create a treatment program especially suited for your skin type and the skin issues you want to address. With an individualized approach, you are assured of the best results and experience whether it’s for your first treatment or for subsequent maintenance care. 

If you’re interested in how a SaltFacial can help you and your skin, call us or book an appointment at (951) 735-5570


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