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​Hollywood Laser Peel

Sep 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Feel Like a Celebrity with a Hollywood Laser Peel

We’re letting you in on a secret of the stars – the Hollywood Laser Peel. 

Ever wonder how celebrities achieve their amazing glow when they walk the red carpet? It’s all thanks to a procedure called Spectra Laser Treatment, also popularly known as the Hollywood Laser Peel.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming event and would like to look fabulous for the day, this treatment is perfect for an instant glow-up.

What Can a Hollywood Laser Peel Do for Me?

Even if you’re not attending an event, the Hollywood Laser Peel can help rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. It can help reverse the signs of aging and improve the look of damaged skin. 

Here are just a few of the wonderful benefits of a Hollywood Laser Peel:

✔️ It gives you instant glow with skin that feels smoother

✔️It reduces the size of pores

✔️ It reduces the appearance of fine lines

✔️ It reduces the appearance of freckles

✔️ It improves oil balance​

✔️ It helps control acne

✔️ It helps minimize the look of acne scars

✔️ It improves overall skin tone and helps with uneven pigment

​✔️ It fades melasma (brown or gray patches on the skin)

✔️ It stimulates collagen production

​✔️ It can get rid of unwanted tattoos

What are the Advantages of the Hollywood Laser Peel

The best thing about the Hollywood Laser Peel is it’s quick, requires no downtime, and you can get long-term results. The procedure is effective yet gentle. In fact, you can have it done countless times without adverse effects. 

And did we tell you it’s safe? The Hollywood Laser Peel is FDA approved so you can be sure strict guidelines are in place so it can be performed safely. It’s also safe for all skin types. 

In addition, it can be combined with other treatments you may want for better results, including microdermabrasion, RF, or IPL.

How Does It Work?

The Hollywood Laser Peel, officially known as the Carbon Spectra Laser Peel, employs a sequence of laser wavelengths and energy pulses.

Prior to the start of the treatment, a carbon mask – a thin layer of Carbon Spectra lotion, is applied to the skin. 

The carbon particles within the lotion are removed when the laser is passed over the carbon mask. The laser also acts upon the dermis of the skin and heats it up. This gently removes the top layer of dead skin. 

The laser energy acts on the skin in two ways:

  • It targets the melanin (the pigment that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes) in the cell. Once the melanin breaks up, it is eliminated through the body’s removal process.
  • The laser also heats up the dermis (the thickest layer of the skin that lies beneath the epidermis). This causes the skin to contract and this in turn stimulates the production of collagen, a protein in the body that provides structure and flexibility to the skin. 

​Because the laser used in a Hollywood Laser Peel is gentle, multiple passes over the area being treated are made to obtain the results desired.

What Happens During a Hollywood Laser Peel Treatment?

Here’s an overview of what to expect when you go for a Spectra or Hollywood Laser Peel treatment. The steps may vary slightly depending on what issues you want to be addressed.

A treatment session starts with cleansing of the face. For people who are particularly sensitive to pain, a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to ensure comfort during the treatment. There will be a wait of 20 minutes to allow the anesthetic to do its job. 

For Enlarged Pores, Acne Scars, Acne, and Fine Wrinkles

The carbon mask or Spectra lotion is applied evenly and thinly to the skin. Fine carbon particles in the lotion can penetrate into the pores and acne scars.

Laser energy is applied to the skin and multiple passes may be applied to achieve desired results. As mentioned above, two things happen when the laser is applied:

  1. The laser energy targets the dermis, heats it up, and stimulates cell regeneration. It breaks up the melanin (melanin can cause uneven pigmentation). This also removes the dead skin on the outermost layer of the skin. 
  2. The laser energy also acts on the fine carbon particles contained in the mask. This may have several effects including reducing the production of sebum which causes acne, shrinking the size of skin pores and stimulating collagen production which helps reduce fine lines. 

For Pigmentation or Tattoo Removal

To remove tattoos or address pigmentation issues in the skin, laser energy is directly focused on where these issues are. 

The laser acts on the pigment and breaks it down into tiny particles. These particles of pigment or ink are then naturally eliminated through the body’s excretory system. During the process, the surrounding areas remain unaffected. 

During a laser treatment session, don’t be alarmed if you hear snapping sounds. This is a normal part of the process. Also expect to feel some tingling and warmth on your skin during the treatment session. 

It takes multiple passes of the laser to achieve the desired results. A saline solution spray will typically be used on the skin to keep it cool between passes. 

A Hollywood Laser Peel takes less than an hour. 

While this treatment can give you an instant glow, you can maximize results by having up to three treatments spaced two weeks in between. A treatment cycle can be repeated two to three times a year.

Are There Side Effects?

People are usually put off by the possible side effects of any treatment. Fortunately, with a Hollywood Laser Peel, the side effects are typically mild.

A normal effect after the treatment is a slight reddening of the skin. This usually goes away in a few hours after the treatment. 

Here are the more potential side effects:

  • Itching or swelling in the treatment area. This may last for a few days.
  • Bruising, scabbing, or temporary hypo or hyper pigmentation

Please note that like any medical procedure it’s important to choose your provider carefully to avoid unwanted side effects. Choose one who is trained, licensed, and experienced in Hollywood Laser Peel treatments.

Is There Downtime after a Hollywood Laser Peel Treatment?

One of the reasons why this treatment is ideal for when you’re preparing for an upcoming event is because there’s practically no downtime involved. You can have your treatment and go straight to preparing for your party soon after your appointment. 

You may be advised to take these simple precautions:

✔️ Keep out of direct sunlight for 12 to 24 hours after the treatment. Use sunscreen as usual.

✔️ Wash the face using a gentle oil-free cleanser 2 to 3 times a day.

✔️ Avoid facial scrubs, oral acne medications, Retin-A, hydroquinone, corticosteroids, glycolic or azelaic acid. 

Call Us for a Hollywood Laser Peel Appointment

Do you want to look Hollywood fabulous for your special event or upcoming party? Or just want to improve your overall skin condition? A Hollywood Laser Peel can give you amazing results. 

Look and feel like a celebrity by getting your treatment today. Talk to our specialists at Skin Theory Aesthetics to find out if a Hollywood Laser Peel is right for you.

Call to book an appointment at (951) 735-5570.


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