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Things That Are Aging You

Feb 23, 2022 | 0 comments

Six Surprising Things That Are Aging You

Knowing these six surprising things that are aging you will surely make you think twice about your lifestyle.

It is not really our age that bothers us, but the illnesses and physical repercussions that go with aging. It could be the wrinkles, the body pain, the limited movements, or the dry skin. The list goes on, and aging has always been associated with the loss of youthful vigor and considered one step closer to death.

So, whatever bothers you about aging is common and understandable. You can’t stop aging, but you can always slow it down by choosing to live healthily and by avoiding the things that are aging you. Without further adieu, here are six of them.

Things That are Aging You

#1 – Inflammatory Food

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The foods that cause swelling are those kinds that most people love. To indulge in sugary and processed food is the most common mistake that we make. Though fast food makes our life routines easier, and our favorite sweets and carbohydrates are small rewards after a day’s work, they are not doing our body any favor.

If you love red meat, much more when fried and oily, it unfortunately is not the kind of protein you should take in if you want to keep your aging in check.

These foods break down the cells that help your body produce collagen through a process called glycation. Of course, we already know that collagen helps your skin stay firm and supple.

Aside from staying away from wrinkles, bear in mind that these same kinds of foods increase your chances of becoming obese, and eventually suffering from cardiac problems. The unhealthy level of cholesterol, sugar, and sodium will not only make you age faster, it could lead to you breathing your last sooner than desired.

#2 – Stress

Ever wonder how people who follow a healthy diet plan still age despite their conscious effort to avoid bad eating habits?  One reason is the amount of stress that they deal with everyday.
Stress is inevitable. It is our body’s normal response to external stimulus, to keep us alert and ready to respond to any situation. This causes some jobs to be highly stressful simply because of the nature of work.

If you can’t avoid stress, you can at least try to take a breather and avoid subjecting yourself to stress for long periods of time. Stress can age not only your skin, but also your brain. It can increase your blood pressure and ruin your sleeping patterns, too. It could even drain your natural immunity.

All these are just some of the things that are aging you, both body and mind, when stressed.

#3 – Lack of Exercise

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One good way to release stress and keep your body healthy is engaging in a healthy amount of exercise while watching over your eating habits. However, due to hectic lifestyles, people set aside exercise and choose other ways to de-stress.

The most common misconception is that you need to tire yourself exercising after an already exhausting workday. According to experts, moderate exercise, which pertains to workout at 40 to 60 percent of maximum heart rate, is good enough to sweat out the stress and rejuvenate your skin. It can also help you sleep better at night and fix messed up sleeping patterns.

So, if you are worried about sagging skin and wrinkles due to excessive exercise, just stick to moderation and avoid a 90-minute workout at 70 to 80 percent of heart rate. That way, you can slow down aging while losing those extra pounds.

#4 – Lack of Sleep

woman yawning, how you get wrinkles, things making you look older, habits that age you, causes of aging skin

Sleep is our body’s natural way of healing on a daily basis. It allows cell regeneration and repairs so you can restart in a better condition the following day. Less sleep means less chance for skin rejuvenation.  How much sleep is enough?  Seven to nine hours per night should suffice. Sleeping more than that can also harm your health.

You might also want to consider sleeping on your back instead of sleeping on your sides or on your stomach. These positions can cause more puffiness due to the pressure on our skin when pushed against the pillow. Also, fluid can’t drain properly in this position, which can lead to other health concerns like weight gain and low immunity.

#5 – Alcohol

Occasional drinking will always be part of our social activities, so it is important to note that too much of it could make your body age faster.

Since alcohol is a natural diuretic, you easily get dehydrated when you drink often or if you drink beyond the moderate consumption. And as we all know, dehydration can affect our body negatively, especially your skin.

Fine lines, acne, and wrinkles are expected when your skin is dull and dry. Remember that an unhealthy body ages faster, while unhealthy skin looks a lot older. Also, less alcohol means fewer toxins to flush. Let your liver work less, and it will reflect on your skin.

#6 – Poor Skin Care

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There are many ways that we tend to neglect our skin, which leads to faster aging. No matter how smooth and firm your skin is, eventually, it will run out of moisture and elasticity because of poor skin care. Sometimes, you are not even aware that your skin care routine is one of the things that is aging you.

Since your skin is one of the most obvious signs of aging, you should know the best way to take care of your skin. Doing so consistently would help slow down the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles. Here are some tips for you:

Take care of your eyes.

Pamper the skin around your eyes by applying eye cream. A moisturizer will do well for your face, but your eyes need extra love because the skin is the thinnest and the oil glands are few. Keep it moisturized daily to prevent fine lines.

Wash your face but not too much.

Washing can help get rid of the industrial particles and chemicals in the air that your skin absorbs on a daily basis. Cleanse your face every night, use antioxidants, and apply the necessary repair cream. However, never forget that too much of something can cause more harm than good.

So, avoid washing your face too much, especially with soap. Soaps with high pH levels will leave your skin dehydrated, cracked, and inflamed. Keep your skin’s natural lipids and proteins instead of trying to wash everything off your face, including its natural protection. A pH-neutral cleanser is the best choice when washing your face.

Use sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be used against excessive UV ray exposure daily. The outdoors should be enjoyed with the right amount of protection from skin cancer and skin aging.

A daily ounce of SPF 30 will do the trick for a smooth, resilient, and wrinkle-free skin. Also, when combined with a moisturizer, you can expect it to reverse the damage of unintended sun exposure.

Skin Theory is here for you to help you combat things that are aging you

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