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What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Sep 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair The Easy And Effective Way

Why go through all the hassle of shaving or waxing when you can say goodbye to unsightly hair conveniently?  Laser hair removal is the most effective and easiest way to remove unwanted hair so you can bare your skin confidently.

​Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics offers the latest procedures in hair removal using state-of-the-art laser technology to give you the ultimate solution in erasing unwanted hair.  Our expertise and experience provide a quick, painless, and safe solution in removing unwanted hair no matter the skin type. Our clients love the results.

​What Is Laser Hair Removal

Men and women all face excess hair in some, if not most, areas of their bodies.  The most common solutions are shaving, plucking, waxing, and even using depilatory creams to strip off unsightly hair.

The problem with these solutions is that they can be messy and at times painful, not to mention too time-consuming, and even sometimes irritating to the underlying skin.. Moreover, these solutions cost a lot in the long run, without giving the positive results you expect.

Laser hair removal is an effective safe procedure to remove unwanted hair.  Using laser technology, hair is removed without having to go through a tedious, time-consuming, and painful process.

On top of this, hair removal using laser technology is a safe and effective procedure that benefits men and women of all skin tones and colors.  No matter your skin type or ethnicity, what you get is skin that is smooth and flawless, ready to be confidently displayed while wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts, or bikinis.

How Hair Removal Using Laser Technology Is Done

The advantage of hair removal through laser technology is that you can have the procedure done in all areas of your body where there is unwanted hair.  Excess hair can be removed quickly and safely on the face, arms, chest, legs, on your back, and even your bikini area.  

Excess hair is removed from these body parts using laser technology that penetrates your skin through energy pulses. These pulses of energy are directed at the hair follicles that are about to grow. These hair follicles are reduced and some are eliminated with the heat that comes from the laser instrument.

When these hair follicles are subjected to laser technology, their growth becomes slower and hair that does grow will become thinner and sparser.

These amazing results make hair removal using laser technology a smart treatment to consider if you’re on the lookout for a proven and non-invasive approach to reducing unwanted hair.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Despite a few possible side effects discussed below, laser treatment for hair removal is a safe and effective approach that provides long-lasting positive results. You can expect these advantages when you opt for this procedure:

Still your skin, only better

Laser-treated hair removal doesn’t damage your skin pores and will not change or alter the structure or texture of your skin.  Only unwanted hair is removed, and is done so effectively using the latest in laser technology.

Painless approach to hair removal

You no longer have to spend so much time plucking, shaving, or waxing your unwanted hair. More importantly, you don’t have to experience any pain when removing unsightly hair.

A safe way to remove unwanted hair

Unlike using traditional electrolysis to eliminate unwanted hair, laser treatment for hair removal can be used even on large areas of the body.  There are no serious medical risks since the procedure is purely cosmetic and only deals with hair follicles.  

Your confidence gets an instant boost

When you no longer have to deal with unsightly hair, you can be more confident flaunting your body.  Take off your shirt in confidence or Imagine wearing that sexy bikini on the beach without having to worry about unwanted hair.  

Enjoy smooth skin every time

As hair treated with laser technology grows slower, you keep worries of unwanted hair at bay. You can enjoy more time with your smooth skin that’s soft and flawless.

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hair Using Laser Technology

To experience the advantages of hair removal using laser treatment, you may need to have a number of treatments, especially in areas of the body where hair grows rapidly.

Your face, for example, is an area that will most likely need two to three sessions of laser treatment, as hair growth in this area is rapid.  

When completed as recommended, laser-treated hair removal’s effects can last up to nine months or even longer.  Remember that multiple sessions may be required to experience the full benefits of hair removal, wherewith an initial treatment hair is reduced but not completely eliminated or removed.

What To Expect

Laser hair removal is designed to be quick, and effective for all skin types and colors.  However, a few side effects may occasionally be experienced when going through the procedure.

Slight discomfort: You may experience a mild sting on the part of the body that is undergoing treatment.  No need to worry, though. The sting will only last for a few minutes.

Redness or swelling: There are body parts that are a bit more sensitive than others, like your lips or chin. When hair follicles in these areas are targeted by laser treatment, you may subsequently find the tissues in these areas redden or swell. The redness and swelling will disappear in no time, so you don’t have to worry.

Slight bruising: You may or may not experience some bruising in the area where laser treatment is used. This bruising, which could be blue to purple in color, will also fade over time.    

Change in skin pigment: After going through laser treatment, it is usually recommended that you don’t expose the treated area to the sun for a while. This is because the portion of the skin that was targeted by laser treatment may develop an increase or decrease in hypersensitivity to the sun resulting in skin color or pigmentation.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Options

Treatments for hair removal use the latest in laser technology, with each involving a safe, gentle, and quick process for removing unwanted hair.

Cutera ND YAG System

With this procedure, excess hair is removed using gold-plated copper.  Laser energy targets the hair follicle and shaft to destroy unwanted hair, while keeping the epidermis and the skin’s surrounding tissues protected.

The unique feature of this procedure is the cooling effect that is provided by the instrument to reduce the heat that may develop in the epidermis. This reduces possible discomfort that patients may experience while undergoing the procedure.

This procedure is effective for all skin types and colors.

Candela GentleLASE Mini

This technique uses an alexandrite laser instrument to eliminate unwanted hair.  It has been proven to remove hair without any downtime.

The procedure targets hair shafts with a large number of pigmentation cells.  Using a particular type of laser technology called free-running laser, the instrument effectively collects pigment cells in the hair follicles, without affecting any other tissues surrounding the targeted area.

Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics:  We Are Experts In Laser Technology

Take a quick trip to Skin Theory to have your unwanted hair removed professionally. Our laser hair removal treatments are specifically designed to treat men and women of all skin types and colors.

Rest assured that as we discuss your hair removal concerns and your skin type, we will recommend the hair removal treatment option we believe is the best to achieve the results you want. Our highly skilled and professional staff is experienced in using the latest laser technologies and will answer any questions you have.  Expect a hair removal process that is quick, safe, and suited to your specific needs.

Book an appointment at Skin & Derm Theory Aesthetics by calling 951-735-5570.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the laser hair removal treatments we offer. You will be flaunting that smooth body in no time!


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