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5 Beauty Myths

Jan 4, 2022 | 0 comments

5 Beauty Myths That Are Not True

In your quest to achieve healthier or younger-looking skin, be sure to arm yourself against these 5 beauty myths. You’ll feel confident that the beauty industry can never pull one over on you again.

Stores carry entire aisles of specially-designed products to help us look our absolute best. Cosmetic aisles are bursting with promises of younger, clearer, brighter, smoother, and plumper skin. With such an abundance of promises, how do you know where to start?
Start right here! Before heading to the beauty aisle, take a look through our list of 5 beauty myths that aren’t true. Not only will you be better prepared for your beauty department expedition, but you’ll likely save yourself money by not investing in unnecessary products!

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Beauty Myth #1: All Skincare Products are Safe and Effective


It would be great if all products available on the market were well-made and highly effective. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The beauty industry is still a business, after all. This causes there to be a number of products made simply to pass the bare minimum of standards before being sold on the shelves.

To be sure you’re buying a product that is worth your money, stick to products that are endorsed by experts and can boast well-known results. It’s true that these products might be a little more pricey, but isn’t it worth it to know you’re buying something that will actually work?

If you’re still not confident in your product choice, consulting an expert can help you narrow down your options. From there, you can further narrow the options to which one suits your needs and preferences.

When choosing a product, always prioritize your safety before considering the effectiveness of products. Some products give your desired results through drastic, and sometimes invasive, processes as well as harmful ingredients that do more harm than good.

Beauty Myth #2: Age is an Important Factor Affecting Your Skin Condition


Many of us believe that age and skincare are highly reliant on genetics and that becoming saggy and wrinkled is an unfortunate reality of age. This kind of thinking can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have more control over your skin’s appearance than you know.

One age-related skin myth is outgrowing acne. It is true that our drastic bodily changes during puberty are the cause of our acne troubles. However, it doesn’t mean that acne always goes away as you grow older. In reality, acne should be properly treated in order to avoid further skin infections and problems.

Another myth that we relate to age is our skincare solutions. Many believe that anti-aging products should be used only when you begin to see signs of aging on your skin. Some even believe that your age somehow determines the kind of skincare you should adopt. Both of these are false.

The best time to start taking care of your skin is when the signs of aging are still nowhere to be found. This means that your skincare routine can help nourish your skin and protect it from the harsh conditions that can make those wrinkles appear.

You can’t erase wrinkles once you already have them without cosmetic injections. So, waiting for the “right time” (and age) to start a good skincare routine actually leads to older-looking skin at a younger age. What good skincare offers is prevention rather than cure. 

Beauty Myth #3: Skin Care is Just as Good as Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic injections and surgeries exist because the capacity of skincare to help your skin recover from abuse and neglect is limited. Consequently, results will never be the same as cosmetic injections. You need to consult an expert to determine which treatment is right for your skin.

Skincare products are great for preventing unsightly skin but not so great at reversing existing damage. For this, your best bet is a cosmetic procedure. If you’re against the idea of going under the knife, take a look at our available non-surgical options. They might surprise you!
It’s also important to note that your skincare routine should not leave your skin feeling tingly. At-home skincare should help your skin rejuvenate, absorb moisture, retain the skin elasticity and suppleness, etc, but none of these benefits of skincare should feel as if you’re peeling off or tingly.

Skincare treatments that are felt fall under the category of a cosmetic procedure and should be done within controlled environments with a professional administering the procedure. If it’s a day-to-day regimen, you shouldn’t feel anything, rather, you should see results over time. If you feel anything, something is definitely wrong.

Beauty Myth #4: Skincare Products Adapt to Your Skin


A lot of people believe the myth that skincare products adjust to your skin type and condition. That is not true. There are no skincare products that affect your skin differently from how they affect the skin of others.

The type, sensitivity, or condition of your skin may be different from others, but skincare products are made to cater to all skin types provided that you consult an expert on the proper amount and administration of these products.

Furthermore, some people even believe that you need to change the brand of products you use for skincare because your skin adapts to the product over a period of time, making it less effective. This is also not true. While this idea holds true in regard to antibiotics or exercises, it is not so with cosmetic products.

Skincare is not a war between your treatment and your skin. You are taking care of yourself, and that should be your mindset as you use skincare treatment. So, buy the brand you like, and stick with it when you find it helpful and effective.

Beauty Myth #5: Your Skin Type and Condition is Fully within Your Control


If you suffer from a less-than-ideal skin type, you’ve probably heard plenty of advice about how you wouldn’t have such skin if you ate better, drank more water or less alcohol, exercised more, did this, or did that. While these actions may have an impact on your skin, they are not the sole cause for an unwanted skin type.

One example of this is assuming that dry skin is a result of being dehydrated. Though dehydration can really take a toll on your skin, it is not automatic that your dry skin is only due to dehydration. The same thing goes for oily skin. Poor diet or skincare products may contribute to your oily skin, but the overall condition is usually the result of genetics.

You know the normal condition of your skin better than anyone. Pay attention to its specific needs and discuss these with an expert to help identify the proper skincare routine for your skin.

Skin Theory Aesthetics is Here for You

The experts at Skin Theory Aesthetics are ready to answer all your skincare questions. We can help you identify the most effective preventative skincare regime for your skin.

If it’s too late for prevention, Skin Theory also offers a range of beauty procedures, including many non-surgical and non-invasive options.

At the end of the day, you still have the power to define how you want to look, and we are ready to help. Book an appointment through our website or call us now at (951) 735-5570!


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